Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Meet the Staff at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum


Breene M. Kerr Center for Chesapeake Studies
(Exhibitions, Curatorial, Education)


Communications, Special Events,

Volunteer Program

Constituent Services




  • Bill Gilmore, Vice President of Operations, 4949
  • John Ford, Facilities Manager, 4970
  • Ladd Mills, Boat Donations Program
    Manager, 4942
  • Andrew Walter, Assistant Boat Donations Program Manager, 4942
  • Sam Fairbank, Facilities Maintenance, 4969
  • Joseph Redman, Facilities Maintenance
    Assistant, 4969

To contact staff dial 410-745 and the number listed next to their name. For email, use the person's first initial, followed by their full last For general inquiries, email  

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
213 N. Talbot St.
P.O. Box 636
St. Michaels, MD 21663

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