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Boat Donations / Boats for Sale


The Museum receives donated boats throughout the year, ranging in size and function, from sailing dinghies to
cabin cruisers, from canoes to crabbing skiffs. Donated boats at the Museum offer buyers boats for a fraction of the
cost of buying a new or used boat at retail. The Museum sells donated boats throughout the year, as well as at the
Museum’s annual Boat Auction in the fall, held annual on Labor Day Weekend.

Donating a boat to the Museum, a non-profit organization, can provide donors with a tax-deduction based on the sale
price of their boats.* Boat donations make a difference in the Museum’s school programs, youth Lighthouse Overnights,and historic vessel restoration, as revenue generated by the sale of donated boats goes into the Museum’s operating funds.

The Museum makes the process of donating or buying a boat hassle-free. For further information about the
Museum’s boat donation program or if you are looking for a particular boat not listed here, contact
Boat Donations Program Manager Lad Mills at 410-745-4942, or by email at lmills@cbmm.org.

*For more information on potential tax deductions, donors should contact their tax advisor.

All sales are final and sold as is. By purchase, the buyer waives any claim for liability against either the Museum or the donor of property
or services, and neither the Museum nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property that may result from the utilization of property or service, s sold. Buyers have their choice of boats inspected by a third party or yacht surveyor if they wish.

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A.R.E Fiberglass top for an 8-foot pickup bed, full hinged rear door with walk-in door. $1,400
Call Bill Gilmore at 410-745-4949

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