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How can I teach a course?

Everyone in our community is encouraged to lead a course in the Academy for Lifelong Learning. Leaders may adopt any of a number of formats for a class including discussion-groups, round-table presentations, field-trips, lectures, etc. The Curriculum Committee establishes a list of courses to be given each term. Thus, your first task is to contact the Curriculum Committee and let them know about your desire to teach a course.

If you already have a clear idea about a course that you would like to teach, you can download a course proposal form, fill it out, and mail it to the ALL office. Alternatively, you can answer all of the questions in the body of an email and send it to with the subject: 'Course Proposal.'

If you want to discuss an idea about a course and proceed through a less formal process, contact a member of the Curriculum Committee.

All course leaders are urged to attend the class announcement party that precedes each term. This is your best opportunity to advertise your class to prospective students.

The Academy occasionally offers workshops on teaching courses. Check the main A.L.L. page on this website to see if any courses are planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many class meetings should I schedule?
Courses typically meet from two to six times, usually on consecutive weeks. Field trips are often one-day courses. There is a great deal of flexibility here.

2. How long should a class last?
Typical classes run one and a half hours. Any reasonable length is possible.

3. How will I hear if my course proposal is accepted?
The Curriculum Committee will contact you to let you know if your course can be scheduled in the upcoming term.

4. Is it possible to propose courses that extend more than a single term?
Yes. There are and have been many A.L.L. courses that span more than one term.

5. Who should I call or email if I would like to discuss a course proposal?
Any member of the Curriculum Committee may be contacted or send an email to

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