Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Academy for Lifelong Learning

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Officers, Board, Executive Committee, and Committee Chairs - Academy for Lifelong Learning

CBMM 2014-2015


Wilson Wyatt, Jr , President *
Robert Lonergan, Vice President *
John Ford, Secretary (CBMM) *
Brice Gamber, Treasury *

Board (includes elected At-large members, Officers, Committee Chairs, and Registrar)

Jim Adams At-large, 2015
Sam Barnett Committee Chair
Ann DeMart Committee Chair
Ed Delaney At-large, 2014
Tom Hollingshead At-large, 2014
Ron Lesher Immediate Past President
Robert Lonergan Vice President
Kate Mann At-large, 2015
Beverly Martin Committee Chair
Ann McCormick At-large, 2014
Barbara Reisert At-large, 2015
Wilson Wyatt President
Helen Van Fleet (CBMM)* Registrar

Curriculum Committee
Sam Barnett , Chair *

Marketing Committee
Esty Collet, Chair *
Ann Demart, Co-Chair

Membership Committee
Beverly Martin *

Finance Committee
Brice Gamber *

*Indicates Executive Committee member



Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
213 N. Talbot St.
P.O. Box 636
St. Michaels, MD 21663

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