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A.L.L. Strategic Plan- 2009-2014

Mission Statement 
The Academy for Lifelong Learning at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum provides an informal forum and opportunity for learning. The Academy's program is available to anyone desiring to enhance life through continued learning experiences beyond and outside a formal classroom environment. 

Vision Statement 
Through the most effective use of the wisdom, talents, skills and initiatives of its members, and its relationship with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, the Academy for Lifelong Learning seeks to remain a premier cooperative program for continuing education on the Eastern Shore. 

Value Statement 
The Academy for Lifelong Learning is committed to creating an atmosphere that fosters  communication, teamwork and dedication. It encourages respect for alternative viewpoints and challenges self-development through creative, innovative and affordable programs. The Academy for Lifelong Learning will include and engage its members in its operations, insuring that its activities are conducted with transparency, accountability, high quality and excellence. 

The Academy is a learning cooperative run by members who volunteer their time and talents. All members are encouraged to be active participants in all organization functions. The Academy endeavors to function with a minimum level of bureaucracy and maximum degree of flexibility in its operations. 

Operational volunteer committees are Administration, Curriculum, Marketing and Membership. The Administration Committee aids Academy operations. The Curriculum Committee schedules Academy courses. The Marketing Committee publicizes Academy courses. The Membership Committee recruits members and course leaders and has activities to enhance and maintain membership. 

The work of these operational committees is coordinated by the Executive Committee, members of which are elected or appointed. The elected members are the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Chairs of the Operational Committees are members of the Executive Committee. Additionally, the President may select members at large to assist in the operation of the Academy. 

The primary goals of the Academy for Lifelong Learning are to build upon its record of growth in membership, course participation, and financial self-sufficiency which has been achieved since its founding in 2001. These goals will be best achieved through the initiatives and imagination of its members, the continued support of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and by securing the type of permanent location indicated below. 

1. Obtain ALL Home and Identity 

ALL needs a place where members can meet regularly to have a classroom always available, conduct business, have small socials, and store equipment. A place on CBMM campus is preferred as it solidifies CBMM and ALL identities and associations. It will help maintain strong ties between Academy and Museum through on campus programs and presence and development of joint programs. 

2. Increase ALL Member Involvement In Organization and Programs 
 In order to set a basis for expansion of ALL programs and members' development and organization support,  ALL needs to increase members' involvement in all aspects of ALL including leading seminars and participation on ALL committees, improving communication among members, and enhancing sense of community and social interaction. 

3. Maintain ALL Financial Stability 
Maintain a checking account and a reserve account with sufficient funds to meet Academy's day-to-day needs and 6-to-12 month needs. 

4. Committees 
Curriculum Committee 
The diversity of ALL's courses and the dedication of its course leaders are at the heart of its success. The diversity of the courses needs to be maintained to satisfy the wide interests of the community. In order to maintain and expand the broad range of courses new leaders need to be recruited. Partnerships and joint programs with other organization will be explored to increase the diversity of course, the number of potential course leaders as well as expand the ALL membership. Guidelines for class "facilitators" will be developed. 

Administration Committee 
Have course facilitators familiar with equipment and able to help course leaders with equipment and room setup. Maintain procedures. 

Marketing Committee 
Continue strong marketing of Academy courses. 

Membership Committee 
Recruit members and course leaders and have activities to enhance and maintain membership.

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