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Historic ObjectsDiverse in content and type, the Museum's 10,000 objects include items relating to commerce and trade, navigation, fisheries, waterfowling, recreation, and culture. The collection also encompasses objects that were made and used in the Chesapeake Bay tidewater region including:

  • Decoys
    duck, goose, swan, and shorebird decoys by 70 regional makers such as Sam Barnes, Ben Dye, Daddy Holly, Ira Hudson, and the Ward brothers
  • Engines
    marine inboard and outboard gasoline and steam engines for propulsion, deck engines, bilge pumps
  • Models
    detailed scale ship models of Bay watercraft, folk art "sailor-made" models, and builders' half-models used in lieu of plans for local construction (Including Pilot #1, made by one of the boat's crew and representing the first steam pilot vessel in America)
  • Artwork
    paintings and prints by significant regional artists such as Louis Feuchter, H. Bolton Jones, and Otto Muhlenfeld.
  • Tools
    tools of maritime trades, figureheads, decorative carvings, anchors, ceramics, paper ephemera, navigational instruments, textiles, and rigging gear.

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